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It's time to learn how to finally get rid of the clutter so you can experience freedom.

Hi, I'm Rachel! I help overwhelmed women gain control of their home and experience peace by teaching an easy and effective decluttering method.

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    Tackle the clutter once and for all

    Are you overwhelmed with the clutter in your home?  Unsure of where to start? Always end up with a bigger mess? Embarrassed and avoid having others over?
    You are not alone and I bet you're dealing with feelings of shame and frustration like so many of my clients.

    But what if I told you there was a better way? As your coach, I will teach you a simple, effective method in a non-judgmental, supportive way.  Let’s begin today to create a peaceful, clutter-free home you love.

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    decluttering client testimonial

    Susan G.

    I couldn’t have been happier using this decluttering service. The session was virtual. Made it less embarrassing for me and less anxiety producing. Rachel helped me to take my bathroom from a zero to a hero. The tips she gave me have continued to help me declutter over thirty years of collecting!

    C.L. from Northern Indiana

    I really appreciate the support I received from Rachel Warren by means of virtual decluttering with Dana K White's decluttering methods. Receiving coaching from Rachel along with Dana's videos helps me think differently as I strive to make decluttering progress. I especially appreciate Rachel's kind and thoughtful questions as she helped me start the process of facing the reality of my stuff, my space and the choices I can make day by day in 15 minute increments.

    Clutter Free Results

    Emily K.

    I didn’t know I needed a decluttering coach,but turns out I wish I would have known sooner. Rachel is great to work with and helps motivate to get the job done. I am the master of just shifting things around,  but not truly organizing but she would stop me and ask just the right questions. My room hasn’t been this organized in the 6 years I’ve lived in this home. She provided accountability and motivation like a personal trainer. I am already scheduling the next session to tackle an even bigger project.

    Ways to Work with Me


    Virtual Coaching

    I offer 1:1 coaching where I will guide you through a simple, effective decluttering method that won’t leave you with a bigger mess and ensures progress.


    Declutter time club

    Sometimes we just need someone to work along with to ensure we will complete a project.

    If you're looking for some group accountability join my FREE Monthly Declutter Time Club.

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    Online Workshops - Coming soon!

    I will be offering a variety of workshops throughout the year from decluttering to organizing your paper and creating your own Essential Binder.  In all of my workshops, you will not only learn helpful information, but you’ll be encouraged to take immediate action which will bring lasting results.

    Sign up to join the waitlist for my next workshop - The Essential Binder Project!

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    how to get started

    With decluttering Support

    Step One

    Book a Call

    Step Two

    Pick a date for your 1st Session and learn the method I use!

    Step Three

    Book another session or purchase a package

    That’s all it takes to finally start to feel free from clutter and overwhelm.

    About clutter free coach Rachel Warren

    Hi, I'm Rachel!

    I love helping women be set free from what holds them back in their homes and lives.  Removing the mental and physical clutter can really help you experience freedom and peace in your life and home.  

    As a Certified Decluttering Coach, I can teach you a simple decluttering method that you can use on any decluttering project.  Decluttering can often bring up some negative self-talk, memories and stories and I will provide encouragement and support when those rear their ugly heads.  The journey often isn’t easy at first, but I believe in time you will see the results you long for and will gain courage to continue until you finally have the peace in your home you desire. You are so worth it!  If you are ready to experience freedom and peace, I would love to be your coach.

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